About Us

In 1767, people of the USA made a divider between the north & the south and to this day there really isn’t much competition about which side is better. The south is for the laid back and simple lifestyles, and the idea of always living this way sounds like a dream- but it doesn’t have to be with Under the Mason.

Under the Mason was created in a small town outside of Richmond, Virginia, where our family has grown up southern and always had that need for comfort. Comfort fit our lifestyles, between work, school and sports. This idea of creating a brand that maintained the comfort levels that we love while also remaining trendy came to light in 2016. Since then, Under The Mason has developed into a working product, fitting the lifestyles of fellow southerners and anyone else who craves the true southern comfort like we do.

So, even if you have to suffer through living above it, beside it, or across the country from it, the comfort of Under the Mason is always here.

True southern comfort.